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Construction Cleanup After the Remodel

The last few months have been a whirlwind for your business. You’ve had a huge influx of customers, which ultimately required a big remodeling project. Now, as school starts, the construction is finally done, and you’re ready for a grand reopening. But, before you can reopen, you need to perform some serious cleanup! Where can you turn for a thorough construction cleanup in Council Bluffs, IA?

Why is construction cleanup important?

Construction cleanup is important because that’s how your business gets ready for customers. Once all the hard work of remodeling and making your business look great is done, ensuring it’s clean and safe is the next step. Cleanup is the step that is the most important before you can reopen, and knowing that it has been performed correctly is essential.

International Janitorial Contractors Association

The International Janitorial Contractors Association (IJCA) offers steps and resources to ensure that the construction cleanup is done correctly. Using a professional service that is aware of these steps will ensure your business is absolutely ready for when all your customers return. The health, safety, and happiness of your employees and customers are the most important parts of every cleanup.

Finding the right professional service is key.

In Council Bluffs, IA, ServiceMASTER Commercial Building Cleaning (CBC) is the place to turn for all your construction cleanup needs. At ServiceMASTER CBC, we have the tools, techniques, and equipment to get the cleanup done correctly and quickly. Our technicians will help you determine exactly which services will serve your business best. You will have confidence knowing that everything is done, and your business is safe, clean, and welcoming!

The anxiety from the construction and the remodel was enough. You don’t need to stress and worry about the cleanup as well. Let ServiceMASTER CBC help you with all your construction cleanup needs so you can concentrate on growing your business!

For all your construction cleanup needs in Council Bluffs, IA, call ServiceMASTER Commercial Building Cleaning today at (402) 727-1862.


Construction Cleanup to Make Your Business Its Best

As February rolls on, the construction at your Fremont, NE business comes to an end. The past year has been difficult, but you were finally able to make some much-needed changes. As construction is finalized, however, you find you’re left with a huge mess. Where can you turn in Fremont, NE for thorough, efficient construction cleanup?

Construction cleanup has changed over time.

 Construction cleanup used to just be the cleanup of the dirt and dust created from the work. Now, not only does the dust and dirt need to be removed and cleaned up, but the area should be sanitized for everyone’s health and safety. Getting the mess cleaned up can feel daunting and overwhelming. Not only do you have to worry about the physical mess, but also the sanitization.


The ISSA offers guidelines for sanitizing a commercial area. These guidelines are important to help ward off ailments, and by sanitizing the area, you can prevent your staff and costumers from falling ill. During the construction process, it’s normal for dirt and dust to be created, and this filth can also cause health issues for your employees and customers. Making sure the cleanup is done right is very important.

Using a professional service for construction cleanup makes everything easier.

 If your business is in Fremont, NE, ServiceMASTER Commercial Building Cleaning is the place to turn for all your cleanup needs. Our technicians have training in all the latest guidelines and can make sure your business is clean, safe, and healthy for your employees and customers. When the technicians at ServiceMASTER Commercial Building Cleaning are through, your business will look brand new.

Construction is stressful enough on its own, and having to worry about the cleanup shouldn’t be added to your already busy life. As a business owner, it’s important to keep the health and safety of your employees and customers at the top of the list. Don’t leave the construction cleanup to just anyone; use a professional service with the trained technicians, proper equipment, and required cleaning solutions to do it right.

For all your construction cleanup needs in Fremont, NE, contact ServiceMASTER Commercial Building Cleaning at (404) 727-1861.


Construction Cleaning After the Construction is Done

With all the changes in the last few years it became obvious some modifications to your business were required. To make your floor plan more efficient and customer-friendly you added space and completely changed the layout.

Now that the construction is over, you’re mere steps away from the finish line. The only thing standing in your way is the construction debris and dirt that remains, but the cleanup job is way more than you could ever hope to take on yourself. Is there a place to turn in Omaha, NE, for construction cleaning?

Construction cleaning sounds easy, but it isn’t! 

Construction cleaning is the task of cleaning up after all the work is completed. While picking up large debris is easy enough, what about all that filthy dust? Plaster dust, sawdust, plus other forms of filth can get into every nook and cranny during the construction process. Not only does it invade every area of the room where the work was done, but it can be found in other rooms that weren’t even touched.

Dust can travel through the air duct system during construction work and show up in rooms on the opposite side of the building. All this debris and dust can result in health issues for those using the building. It’s important that the cleaning be performed correctly so everyone can use the building safely. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has guideline and specifications to ensure the work is done right.

Finding the right professional cleaning service is the first step.

Don’t face construction cleaning yourself. Using the professional cleaning services of ServiceMASTER Commercial Building Cleaning will ensure that the IICRC guidelines are followed. The trained and experienced technicians of ServiceMASTER Commercial Building Cleaning utilize the latest tools, techniques, and cleaning solutions to ensure your facility is safely, quickly, and meticulously cleaned.

Calling the professionals will ensure your customers and employees will never know the extent of the construction mess. ServiceMASTER Commercial Building Cleaning will take on the stress so all you have to do is enjoy the space.

For all your construction cleaning needs in Omaha, NE, give ServiceMASTER Commercial Building Cleaning a call today at (402) 697-9818.