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Healthcare Cleaning: Keeping Your Building Clean and Safe

Keeping your healthcare facility clean, especially in the summer, can seem overwhelming. Sanitization is critical in a healthcare facility since having dirt and dust floating around is completely unacceptable. Making sure your healthcare facility is clean should be at the top of your operational list. So where can you turn for help with healthcare cleaning in Omaha, NE? Look no farther than ServiceMaster Commercial Building Cleaning (CBC).

Healthcare cleaning standards are high.

 Healthcare cleaning is a difficult service. Not only does it include typical cleaning services, trash removal, dusting, or vacuuming, but it also includes specialized cleaning and sanitization. Knowing how to perform this cleaning correctly can be difficult. There are specific standards that need to be met to keep the public safe. Any cleaning missed in the process can result in individuals getting sick.

Latest in Standards

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers all the latest in standards for ensuring that the healthcare cleaning is done correctly. For example, everything needs to be washed twice. The first wash is performed with soap and water to ensure any visible dirt, dust, or other contamination is removed. The second wash ensures everything is disinfected and sanitized so no germs or microorganisms are left behind.

Using a professional cleaning service will make sure those standards are met.

 Using a professional service for your healthcare cleaning in Omaha, NE, will ensure that the service is done correctly, and both your employees and customers are safe. ServiceMaster CBC can help those in Omaha, NE, who need help with cleaning. Our technicians undergo hours of training and certification to ensure that they know everything there is to know about cleaning.

ServiceMaster CBC can help you with any healthcare cleaning you might need. From one-time cleaning to regularly scheduled cleanings, we’ll make sure your building gets the cleaning it needs to stay healthy and safe. Let ServiceMaster CBC take the worry of keeping your building clean off your shoulders.

For all your healthcare cleaning needs in Omaha, NE, call ServiceMaster CBC at (402) 697-9818.


Healthcare Cleanup, Keeping Your Facility Top Notch

One topic that has always been a point of frequent discussion is healthcare cleaning. As a patient, nurse, or doctor, the cleanliness of the hospital or clinic is of utmost importance. If any part of the space hasn’t been cleaned to specifications, it leaves everyone in danger. In Omaha, NE, where can you turn for healthcare cleanup?

Healthcare cleanup is difficult and needs to be done right.

 Making sure a healthcare facility is perfectly clean and healthy is a big deal. Not only does it have to be free of any visible dirt and dust, but it also has to be free of anything that can cause infections. Maintaining trust in a healthcare facility includes ensuring that anyone who visits leaves just as healthy or healthier than when they entered.

Risk of Infection

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a list of guidelines that healthcare facilities use to ensure that their facility is in the best shape. When cleaning a healthcare facility, everything has to be taken into account. What type of area is being cleaned, the probability of infection to anyone who uses the area, and the types of people that use the area. The higher the risk to the patients and the employees, the more care is needed when cleaning the area.

Healthcare cleanup should be done by professionals.

 To ensure that the CDC guidelines are being followed, it’s best to use a professional service. ServiceMASTER Commercial Business Cleaning (CBC) takes pride in being up-to-date with all the latest CDC guidelines. We work hard to make sure our technicians know the latest in guidelines so your healthcare facility is cleaned correctly. By keeping the healthcare cleaning in-house, you become responsible for maintaining up-to-date guidelines and ensuring you have enough people on staff. ServiceMASTER CBC will ensure someone is there to get the work done efficiently and thoroughly, every time.

Don’t put the pressure of everyone’s safety and health on your shoulders. Using a professional service for your Omaha, NE, facility will ensure the cleaning is done right, every time. Let us do the cleaning; all you should focus on are your patents.

For all your healthcare cleanup needs in Omaha, NE, call ServiceMASTER Commercial Building Cleaning today at (402) 697-9818.


Who to Call for Healthcare Cleaning

Healthcare facilities require specific cleaning processes, solutions, and schedules. These criteria are laid out by governing bodies such as the CDC and public health officials. It can, however, be difficult to keep up with all the latest guidelines, tools, and techniques. Using the expert services of ServiceMASTER Commercial Building Cleaning can ensure your facility in Omaha, NE meets all the mandatory healthcare cleaning guidelines.


Healthcare Cleaning Criteria

Cleaning a healthcare facility requires that specific criteria have been met:

  • Sanitization
  • Waste Removal
  • Dusting
  • Stain Removal


All these tasks happen during regular cleaning, but in a healthcare facility, they require more diligence. Waste removal includes more than just emptying trash. There’s biohazardous waste, used personal protective equipment, and medication waste to be removed. Not only do each of these require different containers, but they have to be securely packaged and safely sent to different facilities.


Sanitization in a healthcare facility requires more than washing with soap and water. Cleaning solutions that are used in healthcare facilities include enzymes. The enzymes in the solutions break down the bacteria and other germs left on the surface. Any germs or bacteria left on a surface can result in a patient getting sick. This makes it imperative to ensure the area is completely sanitized and the cleaning is thoroughly conducted.


Turn to ServiceMASTER Commercial Building Cleaning for Healthcare Cleaning

Our trained and experienced technicians keep up with all the latest CDC and health department guidelines. This ensures your facility is cleaned correctly, thoroughly, safely, and efficiently. Along with their unparalleled knowledge, our staff utilizes the latest in cleaning tools, techniques, and solutions. From sanitization to stain removal, we’re here to support all healthcare facilities in Omaha, NE with their Healthcare cleaning needs.


For all your healthcare cleaning needs in Omaha, NE, give ServiceMASTER Commercial Building Cleaning a call today at (402) 697-9818.