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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Council Bluffs, IA

Your Council Bluffs, IA, business is getting ready for a re-opening. With the craziness of the last year, you haven’t been able to have the doors open like they were before the COVID-19 pandemic. You’re ready to invite your customers back and are looking forward to getting everything back to normal. As you go through the shop getting everything set up, you realize the carpets are in need of being cleaned. Where in Council Bluffs, IA, can you find commercial carpet cleaning? ServiceMaster Commercial Building Cleaning (CBC) is always here for you to professionally clean or simply to provide answers.


Where the carpet is can determine how it needs to be cleaned. If the carpet is in a high-traffic area, it can get worn and dirty faster. A high-traffic area is the parts of the shop where people do most of the walking. Customers’ dirty shoes flatten and stain the carpet, making it difficult to get the carpet clean. This constant traffic can give your shop a worn, dirty look, which gives the wrong impression to your customers and makes it difficult for your employees to take pride in their place of employment.


It’s important that the carpets in your business are cleaned regularly. Having the carpets in your business cleaned once or twice a year ensures that they maintain their look and last for as long as possible. The carpets in your business acts as a filter, pulling dust and dirt out of the air. Vacuuming can remove the surface dirt, but will leave behind any dirt that is deep into the carpet fibers. By cleaning the carpets twice a year, you can ensure that your carpets get the deep cleaning they need to keep them from looking dirty and worn and keep them from causing allergies and other health issues for your employees.


Using a professional service for your commercial carpet cleaning keeps your carpets looking like the day that they were installed. ServiceMaster CBC is here to help the businesses in the Council Bluffs, IA area with all their commercial carpet cleaning needs. Our technicians are trained to know exactly which tools and solutions are needed to breathe life back into your carpets. Commercial carpet cleaning can be difficult because of the number of solutions and tools available. Using a professional cleaning service takes this stress off your shoulders.


For all your commercial carpet cleaning needs in Council Bluffs, IA, give ServiceMaster CBC a call at (402) 697-9818.

Promoting Safety with School Cleaning in Council Bluffs, IA

School cleaning is important throughout the year, but especially in the era of COVID-19. Everyone is doing their best to keep students and staff safe and providing a clean environment is a huge part of ensuring that safety. Beyond that, everyone needs and deserves a freshly cleaned and sanitized learning space.


That’s where the professional cleaning staff at ServiceMASTER Commercial Building Cleaning comes in. We proudly serve Council Bluffs, IA, and the surrounding communities with professional school cleaning services. Here are just a few ways we help promote a clean, safe school environment for everyone.


  • Plan for Consistency: Every school is different and the best way to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned is to create a customized cleaning plan that ensures all areas of the property are addressed and that it can be repeated with consistency. This includes identifying high traffic areas, any areas that require specialized cleaning, and planning the process for cleaning the school. Then, we follow through reliably to ensure the building is consistently clean and safe for students and staff.
  • Disinfect Regularly and Often: As part of our cleaning, we regularly disinfect hard surfaces around your educational spaces. These tend to be hot spots for germs and viruses, especially during cold and flu season. Our professional school cleaning staff can easily identify these areas and effectively disinfect them to keep classrooms safe and sanitary for student use.
  • Raise Staff and Student Awareness: Finally, our professional school cleaning staff will understand how to integrate your staff and students into the cleaning process. Oftentimes, this may mean communicating with you about specific needs, such as putting up chairs at the end of the day or encouraging students to use the proper trash or recycling bins. Through this process, students learn how to provide stewardship to their spaces and support the overall cleanliness of their community!


If you’re ready to get your educational building cleaned and sanitized in the era of COVID-19 and beyond, give your local experts at ServiceMASTER Commercial Building Cleaning a call today at (402) 697-9818. We proudly serve Council Bluffs, IA, and the surrounding communities. We’ll work with your school community to keep it fresh, clean, and safe for student learning!

Find Janitorial Services That are Tailored to Your Business Needs in Fremont, NE

Not every Fremont, NE, business has the exact same needs when it comes to professional cleaning, but all businesses can benefit from expertly tailored janitorial services. At ServiceMaster Commercial Building Cleaning, our cleaning experts perfectly cater to the needs of your office, storefront, school, hospital, or wherever else you need a clean start.

Our professional janitorial services cover everything your workspace needs to look and feel clean. We offer simple surface cleaning such as dusting, polishing, surface cleaning, common area tidying, and beyond. For low-impact spaces this is a great way to ensure that every part of your business looks welcoming and feels fresh day in and day out. Our cleaning experts know that surface level cleaning can brighten a space and help manage employee health and allergies, and we take every level of cleaning seriously.

For the professional spaces that require a little more than a once over, our cleaning experts are equipped to manage more high-need jobs as well. With carpet cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, bathroom cleaning, stain removal, and disinfecting, a deeper cleaning regimen will keep your employees and visitors healthy and your business feeling clean and welcoming regardless of your industry. These services are perfect for high-traffic areas, and businesses can maintain a clean image even in the midst of chaos.

For businesses that need more specific cleaning requirements, our janitorial services have the tools for you as well. Our cleaning experts work with you to make a personalized plan that perfectly suits your needs. Whether janitorial services are needed at your business daily, weekly, monthly, or on a different schedule entirely, the cleaning experts at ServiceMaster Commercial Building Cleaning can make it work.

Find the cleaning help you need today with ServiceMaster Commercial Building Cleaning’s janitorial services. We proudly serve Fremont, NE, and the surrounding communities. Contact us today at (402) 727-1861.

5 Benefits of Commercial Cleaning in Omaha, NE

The pandemic which characterized 2020 is continuing into 2021. However, with safety measures in place and the vaccine on the way, Omaha, NE businesses are reopening and many are returning to the office. It’s understandable that there may be some anxiety around returning to the workplace, but you can help your employees feel safe and comfortable with professional commercial cleaning services.


Even in a non-pandemic environment, commercial cleaning can help keep your employees and customers happy and safe. Learn more about the top benefits of professional commercial cleaning!


Decreased Absenteeism

Your employees spend a lot of time in the office and typically in close proximity. This can allow for illness to quickly run through the staff. With more team members out sick, the chances of mistakes increase and efficiency decreases. Commercial cleaning promotes a clean working environment and therefore decreases the chances that a bug or virus will ravage your staff.


Increased Morale

 A clean environment is a productive environment. Working in a fresh, organized office improves employee morale and, in turn, productivity. Keeping your space clean also communicates your respect and care for your staff, making them feel valued and appreciated.


Less Stress

 How often do you wish you could automate your workload? With professional commercial cleaning you can do just that. Ensure your business is cleaned regularly and effectively without stress and hassle. ServiceMASTER Commercial Building Cleaning offers you flexibility in scheduling and services, meaning you get what you need, when you need it. Don’t stress about the mess- let the professionals take control.


Make a Good First Impression

Long before you or your staff speak to a customer or client, the appearance of your business is what makes a first impression on them. Make sure it’s a positive impression. With professional commercial cleaning, you can ensure your business maintains a clean, professional appearance year round. Don’t let mess turn off your clientele.


Improve Safety

 Whether it’s nipping illness in the bud or preventing the pileup of waste, commercial cleaning can improve the safety of your workplace. A clean environment is a safe environment.


There are many benefits to commercial cleaning and ServiceMASTER Commercial Building Cleaning can help you reap all of them. Our flexible services can be customized to your space and your needs and our professional technicians will ensure your Omaha, NE, workplace is clean, safe, and looks its best. Contact us at (402) 697-9818 or get a free quote online!


COVID-19 Disinfection

It’s a new year, but businesses are still contending with the pandemic. While the situation is ever evolving, there’s one thing that’s consistent; you want what’s best for your employees and customers. Whether there has been a positive case in your establishment or you want to reopen with confidence, contact ServiceMaster Commercial Building Cleaning for COVID-19 Disinfection.

We have the tools, the training, and the expertise to help you reopen safely and confidently. Contact us today to learn more!